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Tarcel Medical Indoor System!!

25 Jan 2022 At Tarcel Medical we have completed the metal sheet fence walls and internal systems, including the entrance doors.

Metal sheet fence of 2 meters high, this is to meet the standards set by the Ministry of Public Health Thailand to prevent outsiders from entering the building. In addition, 16 CCTV cameras were installed to increase the safety standard of the Indoor plantation.

In Tarcel medical we use air conditioner 157,000 BTU, which is a large industrial air conditioner and International planting tables to support cannabis plants to meet the required medical grade standards. Special lighting systems exclusively for cannabis plant to receive light and able to control automatic on-off time of the lights to achieve the highest quality output according to Medical Grade principles.

As for the door, we use it an ISOWALL door or a Sandwich Panel door, which is the same standard one way door in the hospital use. It can control the temperature in the growing room perfectly keeping our cannabis plants at the optimum growing temperature to ensure the best cannabis medical grade standard.

Tarcel Medical expects the plantation to complete this project by March and our estimation hope to ready to operate within April. Tarcel medical the best cannabis cultivator in Thailand.



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